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A World in
Disarray :
Foreign Policy
and the Crisis of
the Old Order
Haass, Richard
Shelf of Ennui 2019.
Stephen Florida
Habash, Gabe
Winning. After I finished racing through Gabe
Habash’s novel titled, Stephen Florida, the one
word that came to mind was “wow.” The first-
person narrator, Stephen, is a college wrestler and
the novel is set mostly in the final season of senior
year that culminates in a championship match.
Habash’s finely written prose draws readers into
the complicated and troubled mind of Stephen as
he focuses obsessively on winning. What appears
on one level to be a common coming of age story
shifts to a study of a person’s descent into madness.
At another level, it is a story of loneliness and love.
On one level this is a character study of a loner; on
another level, it as an exposition of the complexity
and depth inside each of us. On one page Stephen is
a jerk and on the next page Stephen is you and me.
Haber, Mark
Shelf of Ennui 2020.
The Secret Life
of J. Edgar
Hack, Richard
Feb 05
Excesses. More sad than sensational, this life of
Hoover highlights all the demons he fought, and the
life of fear he created and led.