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The Emerging
Alliance to
Dismantle the
Corporate State
Nader, Ralph
Shelf of Ennui 2014.
Wise Men
Nadler, Stuart
Legacy. Stuart Nadler’s debut novel, Wise Men,
has four ingredients that combine to make a tasty
dish of fiction: love, money, race and identity. Set in
the mid-20
century, love happens in unexpected
places, money arrives in a large amount quickly,
and things happen that lead to betrayal, a need for
forgiveness, and satisfactory resolution. The key
father-son relationship produces a legacy that has
consequences. Nadler’s prose is finely crafted, the
characters are well drawn, and the story
The End of
Power: From
Boardrooms to
Battlefields and
Churches to
States, Why
Being In Charge
Isn’t What It
Used to Be
Naim, Moises
Shelf of Ennui 2015.
Between Father
and Son: Family
Naipaul, V. S.
Paul Theroux and others have called Naipaul the
finest living writer in the English language. Here’s a
chance to read some early letters and glimpse at his
relationship with his father, also a writer.
Magic Seeds
Naipaul, V.S.
June 05
Identity. Character from earlier novel reprised to
join communist revolutionaries in India, become
arrested and jailed, and return to England, still
searching for who he is and his place in the world.
Mind Set!
Naisbitt, John
Mar 07
Surprises. Interspersed among the pages of things
already known are one or more surprises for
readers that may have a profound impact. Read and
be surprised by that discovery.
The Thief
Pickpocket. I was intrigued by Fuminori
Nakamura’s novel, The Thief. Translated from
Japanese, the novel presents an image of
contemporary society from the perspective of a
pickpocket. I kept thinking about skill as I enjoyed
the ease with which the thief carries out his work.