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Make Your Own Luck: Success Tactics You Won’t Learn in Business School by Peter Morgan Kash with Tom Monte


Rating: (Mildly Recommended)


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Once Upon a Time

With a sub-title that’s a bow to Mark McCormick (What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School), Peter Kash enters the motivational book market with his new book, Make Your Own Luck: Success Tactics You Won’t Learn in Business School. While I usually take a pass on the motivational shelf, I like a good story, and Kash tells plenty of his own and those of others in this short book (225 pages). The stories are interesting and upbeat, but may not relate to you or your life. Here’s an excerpt of what Kash said he’s trying to do in the book:

“The ideas I have tried to put forth in this book represent a way of seeing life. But more important, they are powerful ways to influence others and your environment so that you derive the maximum rewards from life. I have tried to show how coincidence is a sign that indicates the presence of an opportunity; that values nurture opportunity and serve as a compass to success and personal fulfillment; that failure and rejection are temporary but necessary conditions on the path to success; that the courage to leap when the time is right is essential to realizing your heart’s desire; that specializing and becoming yourself are the surest paths to power and success. In each of these chapters, I have tried to provide practical guidance. In this chapter, I want to give you easy-to-follow tips for provoking the web of life, so to speak, to act in your favor.”

I especially enjoyed Kash’s approach to values. Had he not been sloppy with facts and some quotes, this book might have garnered another star. As is stands, reading it isn’t a bad way to spend a plane trip.

Steve Hopkins, May 15, 2002


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The recommendation rating for this book appeared in the June 2002 issue of Executive Times


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