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Who Moved My Blackberry? By Lucy Kellaway








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Fans of Lucy Kellaway’s column in the Financial Times are already familiar with Martin Lukes, that parasite of corporate life in whom we can all find real-life counterparts, and both laugh and cry at his exploits. All readers can receive a heavy dose of Martin in Kellaway’s new book, Who Moved My Blackberry? In this book, Kellaway takes Martin through a topsy turvey year of fad hopping and work with his jargon obsessed life coach. Here’s an excerpt, from the end of Chapter 4, “April: My Negative Energy,” pp. 114-120:



From: Martin Lukes

To:       Ken Tartt



Keri—travel department has booked us into the HOLIDAY INN!! I am a director of this company and traveling on the most impor­tant business. Tell them to upgrade my hotel to the W. This is ab­solutely bloody typical.




From: Martin Lukes

To: Jenny Withers


Darling—Plane delayed three hours at Heathrow. . . I’m totally shattered. Or, as Pandora would have me say, I’m recharging.

There’s been a massive cock-up over hotels—everyone else is staying at the Holiday Inn, and no one told me. Suzanna and I are in the W, miles away from the action. Trust all OK at home. I had an e-mail from Max asking me for help with his algebra paper for Common Entrance—told him I’m a bit up against it. Can’t you do it?


From:  Keith Buxton

To:       UPBOB



Hello everyone! Let me say how delighted I am to see so many of you from so many different geographies gathered here for the Pro­ject Uplift Brainstorm on Behaviors (1JPBOB).

Tomorrow we kick off with a pre-break fast Show and Tell, and I will be asking each of you to share with us something per­sonal about what the key behaviors mean to you. You will notice that the walls of the meeting room are draped in brown paper. During all sessions, I’d like you to write any thoughts you may have on the walls. Whatever comes into your minds, write it down! It’s going to be a lot of fun!




From: Martin Lukes

To: Jenny Withers


Darling—just got yr message. Jake’s totally out of order. However, it’s a pity that you went apeshit at him—I think it’s much more motivational to use more empowering language.

Will send him an e-mail tonight if I have a mo. Just ran into BSM—he said he was really looking forward to my presentation! K’s gone native, acting like touchy-feely American. Ugh.


M xx

Love you, M XX



From:  Martin Lukes

To: Jake Lukes


Jake—I am a little bit concerned to hear from your mother that you stole some money from Svetlana, which has resulted in her threatening to leave.

I must be honest with you: my initial response was “Oh poo,” but I have now reflected on the situation, and feel you need to think about changing your behaviors.

Jake, can you do an exercise for me? Can you to think up six key behaviors that will help you going forward, and e-mail them to me? Then I can help you learn to live them. Let’s make a new start!

Love, Dad



From: Martin Lukes



Hi everyone!

I’m sorry I’m not at the pre-breakfast Show and Tell. I’m stuck in traffic. I didn’t realize it would take so long to get across town! Should be with you in half an hour.

Cheers, Martin Lukes

Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld


From: Keith Buxton



Hallo everyone! Thanks to one and all for a stimulating day’s dis­cussion. I have never seen so much passionate graffiti in one place! Thanks also to Martin Lukes for joining us eventually and sharing the interesting story of how he is using a behaviors matrix as a tool to motivate his son. I really believe that Project Uplift behav­iors matrices have great potential both in the work and the home arenas! Please be prompt for this evening’s networking drinks. 6:30pm in the Printemps Suite.



From: Martin Lukes

To: Jenny Withers


Darling—really energizing day. We had a very intellectual discus­sion about the link between behaviors and values. Will tell all when I get back. Am forwarding Jake’s response to my motiva­tional message. Any idea what he’s on about?


Love you, M x


From: Jake Lukes

To: Martin Lukes


Dad, you’re gay. J









From: Martin Lukes

To: Ken Tartt


Hi Ken

Just arrived at Heathrow—am off home to recharge and renew. I’ve got a couple of key memos I need to write. . . Tell Rog that whatever it is, I can’t see him today. M


Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld



From: Martin Lukes

To: All Staff


Hello everyone

I wanted to debrief you on an incredibly exciting few days in Atlanta. There is huge momentum behind UPBOB, and our com­mittee’s input went down extremely well. Suzanna gave a better-than-excellent presentation that left all the others standing! We are expecting that the UK contribution will be well represented in the ultimate outturn!

Best, Martin


From: Martin Lukes

To: Keri Tartt

Hi Keri

Can you put through my Atlanta exes asap? If Rog gives any trouble you might point out Suzanna and I worked 14-hour days while we were in Atlanta. We were putting the UK in the driving seat on our most important global initiative since Project Re-brand.




From: Barry Malone

To: All Staff


First up, I wanted to say thank you to all those who came to Atlanta last week for UPBOB. There is an amazing amount of passion and love being shown on this project. Over the next few days Keith Buxton and myself will be finalizing the matrix based upon last week’s inputs, and then we will be able to commence the global rollout of Project Uplift!


I love you all,





From: Pandora@CoachworX!

To: Martin Lukes

Hi Martin

When we started the program I said I was going to be your greatest fan. And let me tell you that the way you have got back into the Bronze Program has been exceptional. The Old You is dead. New You is alive and growing!!

Can I ask you to jot down some of the advances you’ve made this month, and then give yourself a big round of applause?

Strive and thrive!



From: Martin Lukes

To: Pandora@CoachworX!

Hi Pandora

If you’ll excuse a literary reference, April is the cruelest month. As the poet Robert Frost predicted, this has been a hyper chal­lenging month for myself, though I have notched some wins that I am very proud of. I am interacting less with people who impact negatively on my energy levels.

I am also making progress with the words I use. I am avoiding disempowering words and words full of pain. This has been highly successful except possibly with my son, who seems to have de­cided that I’m a shirtlifter. Which is quite ironic, when you think about it(!).

This month I have made a good start in coming to terms with bowel cancer. To have scored a major career win under these cir­cumstances is no mean feat.

I am distressed that not much progress has been made on the home front. Jens is burying herself in her career, in order to avoid confronting various issues. I see this as a growing problem.

Basically, going forward I need to look after number one and take things one day at a time!           


22.5 percent better than my bestest



While words like “bestest” play better in the U.K. than in the U.S., phrases like “strive and thrive” will wince readers everywhere as we laugh at the exploits of Martin Likes in Who Moved My Blackberry?


Steve Hopkins, June 26, 2006



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