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Never Ask Me
Abbott, Jeff
Release Date: 7/14/20
The Turnout
Abbott, Megan
Release Date: 7/6/21
While Justice
Abrams, Stacey
Release Date: 5/11/21
Red Dress in Black
and White
Ackerman, Elliot
Release Date: 5/26/20
2034: A Novel of
the Next World
Ackerman, Elliot and
James Stavridis
Release Date: 3/9/21
Adiche, Chimamanda
Release Date: 10/27/20
Leave the World
Alam, Rumaan
Safety. One of the reminders we all
received as we opened the gift of the
pandemic is that life can change in an
instant. Rumaan Alam offers readers a
finely written novel titled, Leave the World
Behind, that places characters into a setting
of uncertainty in which they face a world
that has changed. A couple and their two
children rented a rural house for a week’s
vacation away from New York City. The
owners show up at the house late at night
and ask if they can stay there because
something caused a massive blackout in the
city. Alam explores the ways in which we
respond to shock and change, and what
creates a sense of safety or threat for us.
Readers find themselves in the middle of
issues of race, class, privilege and
ambiguity. Perhaps all we desire is to
survive whatever comes at us so we can live
for another day.
Straight from the
Horse’s Mouth
Alaoui, Meryem
Release Date: 9/15/20
The Hospital: Life,
Death, and Dollars
in a Small
American Town
Alexander, Brian
Release Date: 3/9/21
White House, Inc.:
How Donald
Trump Turned the
Presidency into a
Alexander, Dan
Release Date: 9/22/20
His Very Best:
Jimmy Carter, a
Alter, Jonathan
Release Date: 9/29/20