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This web page lists all books reviewed by Steve Hopkins at during 2021 as well as books pending (The Shelf
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Never Ask Me
Abbott, Jeff
Release Date: 7/14/20
The Turnout
Abbott, Megan
Release Date: 7/6/21
Red Dress in Black
and White
Ackerman, Elliot
Release Date: 5/26/20
2034: A Novel of
the Next World
Ackerman, Elliot and
James Stavridis
Release Date: 3/9/21
Leave the World
Alam, Rumaan
Release Date: 10/6/20
Straight from the
Horse’s Mouth
Alaoui, Meryem
Release Date: 9/15/20
White House, Inc.:
How Donald
Trump Turned the
Presidency into a
Alexander, Dan
Release Date: 9/22/20
His Very Best:
Jimmy Carter, a
Alter, Jonathan
Release Date: 9/29/20
Inside Story
Amis, Martin
Release Date: 10/6/20
The Woman Who
Stole Vermeer: The
True Story of Rose
Dugdale and the
House Art Heist
Amore, Anthony M.
Release Date: 11/10/20
Evil Geniuses: The
Unmaking of
Andersen, Kurt
Release Date: 8/11/20
The Quiet
Americans: Four
CIA Spies at the
Dawn of the Cold
War--a Tragedy in
Three Acts
Anderson, Scott
Release Date: 9/1/20
Tropic of Violence
Appanah, Natacha
Release Date: 5/19/20
Twilight of
Democracy: The
Seductive Lure of
Applebaum, Anne
Release Date: 7/21/20