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This web page lists all books reviewed by Steve Hopkins at http://bkrev.blogspot.com during 2019 as well as books pending (The Shelf
of Possibility) or relegated to the Shelf of Reproach or the Shelf of Ennui. You can click on the title of a book or on the picture of any
jacket cover to jump to amazon.com where you can purchase a copy of any book on this shelf.
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Training School
for Negro Girls
Acker, Camille
Release Date: 10/9/18
Waiting for Eden
Ackerman, Elliot
Release Date: 9/25/18
Dominion: The
History of England
from the Battle of
Waterloo to
Diamond Jubilee
Ackroyd, Peter
Release Date: 10/9/18
Hardly Children
Adamczyk, Laura
Release Date: 11/20/18
Friday Black
Adjei-Brenyah, Nana
Release Date: 10/23/18
The Hazel Wood
Albert, Melissa
Release Date: 1/30/18
Bad Stories
Almond, Steve
Release Date: 4/1/18
The Lies That Bind
Appiah, Kwame
Release Date: 8/28/18
The Last Thing I
Told You
Arsenault, Emily
Release Date: 7/24/18
Frenemies: The
Epic Disruption of
the Ad Business
(and Everything
Auletta, Ken
Release Date: 6/5/18
Hyperfocus: How
to Be More
Productive in a
World of
Bailey, Chris
Release Date: 8/28/18
This Land:
America Lost and
Barry, Dan
Release Date: 9/11/18
Pretend I’m Dead
Beagin, Jen
Release Date: 5/15/18