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Merchants of
Truth: The
Business of News
and the Fight for
Abramson, Jill
Release Date: 2/5/19
Training School
for Negro Girls
Acker, Camille
Release Date: 10/9/18
Waiting for Eden
Ackerman, Elliot
Intensity. Readers who enjoy finely written
literary fiction are those most likely to enjoy
Elliot Ackerman’s novel titled, Waiting for
Eden. Protagonist Eden survived an explosion
in Iraq and is at a Texas burn center thanks to
the efforts of medical personnel who saved his
life. What’s left of Eden weighs 70 pounds,
down from his normal 220. Eden’s distinction
is that his were the worst wounds of the wars
in Iraq and Afghanistan that didn’t
immediately end in death. Eden’s wife Mary
has spent three years at his bedside waiting
for him to communicate, heal or die. The
narrator is a ghost: Eden’s best friend who
died in that blast in Iraq, who is also waiting
for Eden to join him in death. These three
characters are complex, and Ackerman
develops them with depth. From the
beginning to the end of the novel, Ackerman
maintains an intensity while he develops
multiple levels of meaning and explores issues
of loyalty, suffering and betrayal.
Dominion: The
History of England
from the Battle of
Waterloo to
Diamond Jubilee
Ackroyd, Peter
Release Date: 10/9/18
Hardly Children
Adamczyk, Laura
Release Date: 11/20/18
Friday Black
Adjei-Brenyah, Nana
Release Date: 10/23/18
The Coronation
Akunin, Boris
Release Date: 2/5/19
The Hazel Wood
Albert, Melissa
Release Date: 1/30/18
Bad Stories
Almond, Steve
Release Date: 4/1/18
Anwyll, Steve
Release Date: 1/8/19