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One Nation
Under Gods: A
History of the
Mormon Church
Abanes, Richard
Feb 03
Saints Revealed. From Joseph Smith at the
beginning to the 2002 Olympics, Abanes presents a
history of Mormonism that reveals them to be a
cult, not the Christian religion they present to the
American Rose:
A Nation Laid
Bare: The Life
and Times of
Gypsy Rose Lee
Abbott, Karen
Legend. Readers who enjoy biographies of 20
century figures are those most likely to enjoy Karen
Abbott’s book titled, American Rose: A Nation Laid
Bare: The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee. Abbott
structured this book like a striptease: she sways
back and forth in time and reveals a little here and a
little there. The versions of a life presented here are
interesting and entertaining. The characters,
especially Rose herself, her mother, sister Joan and
son Erik are intriguing and complex. Abbott
presents the people and their times with vivid
anecdotes and finely written prose. I was engaged
from beginning to end by this interesting life.
Liar, Temptress,
Soldier, Spy:
Four Women
Undercover in
the Civil War
Abbott, Karen
Heroines. Civil war buffs are those readers who
will relish Karen Abbott’s book titled, Liar,
Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover
in the Civil War. General readers, especially those
who like books that provide fine prose about
interesting characters, will also enjoy reading this
interesting book. Abbott describes the actives of
four courageous women during the Civil War: Belle
Emma Edmonds, Rose O'Neal Greenhow and
Elizabeth Van Lew. Belle was a successful spy for
the Confederacy. Emma disguised herself as a man
to enlist as a Union soldier. Rose used her contacts
with Northern politicians to send information to
Confederate generals, and represented the
Confederacy abroad. Elizabeth was a Richmond
abolitionist who ran a spy ring under the noses of
the enemy. Abbott’s prose draws readers into the
stories of these heroic women, and is likely to keep
readers interested and engaged. I came away from
this book both entertained and informed.
Sin in the
Second City
Abbott, Karen
Oct 07
Sisters. Riveting non-fiction about the two sisters
who ran a first-class brothel in Chicago from 1900
to 1910 and the women they employed, the clients
they served and the politicians they paid.
The Great
Prostate Hoax:
How Big
Hijacked the
PSA Test and
Caused a Public
Health Disaster
Ablin, Richard J.
and Ronald
Shelf of Ennui 2014.
A Perfect Mess
Eric and David
H. Freedman
June 07
Tidy. Authors meander through a premise that
things may be done better through disorder rather
than via neatness and order. Readers fixated on one
way of acting will learn that alternatives can work
The Hard Truth
From America's
Most Notorious
Abramoff, Jack
I looked at the photos and read the first few pages. I
concluded quickly that I really didn’t want to know
anything more about Abramoff, especially from
him. Shelf of Ennui 2012.
Speaking Freely
Abrams, Floyd
Shelf of Ennui 2005
The Soul of the
Abrams, Floyd
Conflicts. In my heart, I really do want the First
Amendment of the United States Constitution to
protect me. Protecting you, I’m not so sure about.
Floyd Abrams has specialized in first amendment
issues, and he explores the broad protections of
that amendment in a finely written book titled, The
Soul of the First Amendment. I especially enjoyed
his review of the conflicts, current and historic,
between free speech and national security,
especially in the form of publication of classified
material. Every citizen can benefit from some time
thinking more about the first amendment, and I
recommend this book as a way to stimulate that
thinking. After reading it, you may be willing to
accept that even I should be covered by this
amendment. I’m almost ready to accept that you
deserve the same treatment.