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Our Time Is Now:
Power, Purpose,
and the Fight for a
Fair America
Abrams, Stacey
Release Date: 6/9/20
Bleeding Out: The
Consequences of
Urban Violence--
and a Bold New
Plan for Peace in
the Streets
Abt, Thomas
Shelf of Ennui 2020.
Places and Names:
On War,
Revolution, and
Ackerman, Elliot
Shelf of Ennui 2020.
Red Dress in Black
and White
Ackerman, Elliot
Release Date: 5/26/20
The Heap
Adams, Sean
Release Date: 1/7/20
Adiga, Aravind
Release Date: 2/18/20
Friday Black
Adjei-Brenyah, Nana
Creative. There are twelve funny and crazy
short stories in the debut collection by Nana
Kwame Adjei-Brenyah titled, Friday Black.
These are sharp, finely written stories that
show off the author’s creativity and are likely
to delight most readers. There’s an emotional
range on display in this collection that packs a
punch. There’s dark humor, human failings
and issues galore. His writing surprised me
often, always had my full attention, and gave
me great reading pleasure.
She Lover of
Akunin, Boris
Club. The eighth Fandorin mystery by Boris
Akunin is a novel titled, She Lover of Death. A
young and naïve protagonist, Masha
Mironova, arrives in Moscow at the beginning
of the 20
century and joins a club of mainly
poets who are enamored with death. She
becomes Columbine, wears a pet snake, and
before long finds herself next in queue to
commit suicide, thanks to the signs she has
received. Events are heading off the cliff when
Fandorin joins the club. Of course, you’ll have
to read the novel if you want to find out what
happens. Akunin plays with words and names
in this novel in ways that will entertain many
American Carnage
: On the Front
Lines of the
Republican Civil
War and the Rise
of President
Alberta, Tim
Release Date: 7/16/19
The Catholic
Albinati, Edoardo
Shelf of Ennui 2020.
Hell and Other
Destinations: A
Albright, Madeline
Momentum. Madeline Albright’s memoir
titled, Hell and Other Destinations: A 21st-
Century Memoir, is packed with wit and
wisdom. This former Secretary of State tells
us of her life from 2001 to the present, a
period for her that was packed with deciding
what to do next and then after that, and then
something else altogether. Her momentum is
a force of nature as she accounts her life of
ongoing service and engagement. Her prose is
exciting, and her humor enchanting. Do
something or get out of her way.
A Long Petal of the
Allende, Isabel
Refuge. My frame of mind as I started
reading Isabel Allende’s novel titled, A Long
Petal of the Sea, involved feeling a little sorry
for myself. Disrupted by a stay at home order
to slow the spread of Covid 19, I felt thrown
off kilter by constraints on my regular