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Bleeding Out: The
Consequences of
Urban Violence--
and a Bold New
Plan for Peace in
the Streets
Abt, Thomas
Release Date: 7/25/19
Places and Names:
On War,
Revolution, and
Ackerman, Elliot
Release Date: 6/11/19
Red Dress in Black
and White
Ackerman, Elliot
Release Date: 5/26/20
The Heap
Adams, Sean
Release Date: 1/7/20
Adiga, Aravind
Release Date: 2/18/20
She Lover of Death
Akunin, Boris
Release Date: 3/3/20
American Carnage
: On the Front
Lines of the
Republican Civil
War and the Rise
of President
Alberta, Tim
Release Date: 7/16/19
The Catholic
Albinati, Edoardo
Release Date: 8/13/19
A Long Petal of the
Allende, Isabel
Release Date: 1/21/20
Alvarez, Julia
Release Date: 4/7/20
A Warning
Credibility. Can you recall the time when
many medical doctors smoked? If such a
doctor warned a patient about the dangers of
smoking, do you think the advice would be
credible? After I finished reading the book
titled, A Warning, by an anonymous author, I
thought about the credibility of the writer and
how I could possibly assess it. This book is an
inside view of the Trump administration by a
senior official. The story does not place
Trump and his allies in a positive light.
Concerned citizens may be aghast at parts of
what is described on these pages. Supporters
of President Trump may focus away from the
content and toward the author. My
assessment is that it will take time for
historians to affirm or dismiss what this book
describes about President Trump and those
around him. In the meantime, those readers
looking for an insider’s assessment of the
White House will find one view in this
alarming book.