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Never Ask Me
Abbott, Jeff
Release Date: 7/14/20
Out of
Abdoh, Salar
Endless. For an immersive mediation on
war, read Salar Abdoh’s novel titled, Out of
Mesopotamia. From the perspective of
protagonist Saleh, a journalist, we struggle to
make sense of those who are engaged in what
seems like endless war. With great skill,
Abdoh can be poetic and authentic in the
same sentence. We’re led into the darkness
of war where we find some form of
enlightenment about why we do what we do.
Most readers will finish this novel somewhat
weakened by proximity to the fragility of life.
Our Time Is Now:
Power, Purpose,
and the Fight for a
Fair America
Abrams, Stacey
Formidable. Stacy Abrams drew national
interest when she ran for governor of
Georgia and was beaten in a close race in
2018 by Brian Kemp, whom she claimed
suppressed Democratic votes. In her book
titled, Our Time Is Now: Power, Purpose,
and the Fight for a Fair America, she
describes her life and the progress she’s
made in Georgia to register new voters and
build a Democratic force for change. Readers
of this book will find the story of a
formidable woman whose work over the past
decade in Georgia led to the state voting for
Biden in 2020, and as I write this, awaiting
the results of a runoff election on January 5,
2021 to select two U.S. senators.
Bleeding Out: The
Consequences of
Urban Violence--
and a Bold New
Plan for Peace in
the Streets
Abt, Thomas
Shelf of Ennui 2020.
Places and Names:
On War,
Revolution, and
Ackerman, Elliot
Shelf of Ennui 2020.
Red Dress in Black
and White
Ackerman, Elliot
Release Date: 5/26/20
The Heap
Adams, Sean
Recovery. Sean Adams’ debut novel titled,
The Heap, pulls readers into an examination
of what we build, what collapses, and what it
takes to restore what is important. Los
Verticalés was a 500-story residential
building in the desert that has collapsed.
Protagonist Orville Anders works on a dig
site where he is looking for his brother,
Bernard, who survived the collapse and
broadcasts a radio show from the rubble
called the Heap. Adams explores what life in
Los Verticalés was like before the collapse,
and what was different for those on the outer
units who had windows compared to those
on the inner units who relied on digital
screens. The workers at the dig site form a
community of their own in CamperTown,
and Adams uses all three communities as
fodder for his satire. Many readers will find
this to be a compelling story, and others will
come away from it ready to reflect on the
creation of community life.
Adiga, Aravind
Release Date: 2/18/20
Friday Black
Adjei-Brenyah, Nana
Creative. There are twelve funny and crazy
short stories in the debut collection by Nana
Kwame Adjei-Brenyah titled, Friday Black.
These are sharp, finely written stories that
show off the author’s creativity and are likely
to delight most readers. There’s an emotional
range on display in this collection that packs
a punch. There’s dark humor, human failings
and issues galore. His writing surprised me