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Bleeding Out: The
Consequences of
Urban Violence--
and a Bold New
Plan for Peace in
the Streets
Abt, Thomas
Release Date: 7/25/19
Places and Names:
On War,
Revolution, and
Ackerman, Elliot
Release Date: 6/11/19
The Heap
Adams, Sean
Release Date: 1/7/20
Adiga, Aravind
Release Date: 2/18/20
American Carnage
: On the Front
Lines of the
Republican Civil
War and the Rise
of President
Alberta, Tim
Release Date: 7/16/19
The Catholic
Albinati, Edoardo
Release Date: 8/13/19
Alvarez, Julia
Release Date: 4/7/20
A Warning
Release Date: 11/19/19
The Lies That Bind
Appiah, Kwame
Release Date: 8/28/18
Salt Slow
Armfield, Julia
Release Date: 10/8/19
Mostly Dead
Arnett, Kristen
Release Date: 6/4/19
All This Could Be
Attenberg, Jami
Legacy. Is Jami Attenberg’s novel titled, All
This Could Be Yours, just another tale of
family dynamics? Yes and no. Paterfamilias
Victor Tuchman lies dying, and daughter Alex
goes to New Orleans to be with her mother,
Barbra, and to uncover the secrets of Victor’s
life. Alex’s brother, Gary, decides to stay in
Los Angeles and not come to the deathbed.
Victor’s legacy is complicated and takes
different forms. Absent Attenberg’s finely
written prose, the outline of the story would
produce a big yawn in most readers. As the
secrets are revealed, we understand the
source and form of this family’s dysfunction.
For some readers, me included, a depressing
story about the Tuchman family can lift one’s
spirits. We’re all messed up in some way or
another, and we can survive most of what
life’s throws at us.
Awad, Mona
Workshop. I’ve never been a fan of small
group sharing. You know, everyone sits
around in a circle and a variety of viewpoints
are expressed. Samantha Heather Mackey is
the protagonist of Mona Awad’s novel, Bunny,
and she’s a scholarship student, an outsider in
her MFA program at Warren University. A
powerful clique in her fiction writing program
call each other “Bunny” and workshop moves
to a whole other level after Samantha is
invited to join the clique. The prose is clever
and sharp, and the novel will appeal to fans of
finely written literary fiction. Just don’t make
us sit in a circle and share.
The Killing Tide
Bannalac, Jean-Luc
Release Date: 2/4/20
Ninth House
Bardugo, Leigh
Yale. If you have a high school junior looking
at colleges this year, read Leigh Bardugo’s
novel titled, Ninth House, before heading to
the Yale campus. In her first novel for adults,
prolific YA author Leigh Bardugo uses her
personal memories of life at Yale to introduce
readers to a strong female protagonist, Alex
Stern. We get secret societies in spooky
settings, both real to the New Haven campus,
along with ghosts and magic. Some writers
can’t quite blend the real and the fantastic,
but Bardugo does that to great effect in this
Eyes to the Wind:
A Memoir of Love
and Death, Hope
and Resistance
Barkan, Ady
Release Date: 9/10/19