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Why would somebody hire an executive coach?
The most common reasons we hear about why somebody hires a coach are:
  1. Because an individual wants to get help in some area of management effectiveness that's new to them or that's an area of concern
  2. Because a boss or someone else suggested the need for help
  3. Because two heads are better than one
  4. Because a coach focuses exclusively on the executive's success

Can't my boss be my coach?
Your boss can be a great coach. Your boss wants you to succeed. Your boss also wants the organization to succeed, with or without you. An independent coach focuses on your success, with or without your current organization.

What does the coach actually do?
The usual approach is that the coach asks you a lot of questions about yourself, your work situation and your aspirations together.

My boss needs help. How can I get him (or her) to use a coach?
Somebody will either ask for help or not. You probably can't "get" your boss to do what he or she doesn't want to do. Sometimes, making the situation available leads to an executive making the choices to use a coach. Hopkins & Company provides the opportunity for giving coaching services as a gift. You can order coaching services for someone else, either anonymously or signed. Any of the coaching plans can be selected: e-mail, telephone or in person.

When's the best time to receive coaching?
When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Here are the most typical times when a coach is called in to help:
  1. When an individual is facing performance shortfalls, a coach is called upon to help improve performance.
  2. When someone enters a new role, a coach is asked to help assimilate the executive into the new job.
  3. When someone is preparing for a transition, a coaches asked to help in preparation.
  4. When an executive wants somebody focused exclusively on their success, a coach is asked to help.
  5. When an executive wants to learn something new, or get a second opinion, a coach is asked for advice.
  6. When an executive feels that work is out of balance, a coach is asked for help in finding new ways to balance work with the rest of life.
What makes Hopkins & Company different from other consulting firms?
When you hire Hopkins & Company for a consulting engagement, you acquire the time and talents of a single consultant, Steve Hopkins. Most other consultants deliver teams of consultants, many of whom are recent graduates, with minimal work experience.


Can I order a custom publication?
Yes. Describe what you'd like covered, and when you'd like to receive the publication. Send an e-mail to and we'll provide a proposal including a price quotation.

Can you send Executive Times to my clients?
Yes. Hopkins & Company provides three alternatives to companies that want to offer Executive times to others:
  1. A bulk mailing of copies to you for your distribution. Copies are marked "Compliments of (you)", where (you) can be your logo or name.
  2. A monthly list from you of names and addresses for us to mail copies marked "Compliments of (you)".
  3. You may purchase gift subscriptions for others.
Discount rates are available depending on volume and which alternative you select. Send an e-mail describing what you'd like to do, and we'll provide a proposal including price quotation.

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