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It Was Today by Adrei Codrescu


Rating: (Mildly Recommended)


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Poets use a few words and images to capture life. The latest collection by Andrei Codrescu, It Was Today, uses words and images to show us who we are, whether we like the images or not. Here’s one of the poems, “an american dream”:

guy on TV

tells Katie Couric

he'll name his


after any company

willing to buy

them a house

his last name is Black

Crack Black?

Marlboro Black?

asks Katie

IBM Black?

Xerox Black?

She goes on

he protests

we will be very

very careful

but we have

to have the American

Dream don't we

What company

Laura asks will

risk the publicity?

It's worth less

than a sandwich-man

I say but I can

already see

that little Black

is the first of an army

of genetically engineered

logo kids

who when asked

what's it like to look

like McDonald's arches

will say

In the Beginning

Was Black


Poets can also lead our thoughts to the future, and “an american dream” does just that. Pick up a copy of It Was Today and sample some of the other dreams and images from Andrei Codrescu.

Steve Hopkins, November 24, 2003


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