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Martin Sloane by Michael Redhill


Rating: (Recommended)


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Portrait of the Artist

Michael Redhill pulls off some successful feats in his new novel, Martin Sloane. Redhill credibly presents a woman’s voice, through who’s eyes we learn first about Sloane the artist. The beginning of each chapter describes a work of art in the form of the labels that appear on gallery or museum walls. Readers can imagine what the art looks like. Redhill then takes us to Ireland to examine Sloane’s youth and his formative years. Sloane’s lover, whom he left, tries to find him by tracing his past.

Here’s an excerpt:

“That evening, we all dressed in good clothes and went to the Bergman ceremony. Martin was in his ‘openings’ suit: I’d only seen him in it once before, in Washington, and more frightening than making him look his age, it make him look like a respectable man his age, which made us look especially suspect as a pair. Of the three of us, Molly was the one who seemed distracted: she fiddled with her glass and was uncharacteristically wordless after being introduced to various functionaries and friends.
We circulated in the crowd, nodding at the right times in conversations, nibbling the appetizers that went around. The small glass tables throughout the reception hall were littered with cellophane-wrapped toothpicks and empty champagne flutes. Martin had mentioned earlier that he was hoping for something subdued and tasteful. Is coconut shrimp and tamarind sauce with Tattinger’s lowbrow enough for you, my love?”

In each chapter, Redhill presents images, perspectives and nuance that makes reading Martin Sloane quite enjoyable.

Steve Hopkins, August 7, 2002


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The recommendation rating for this book appeared in the September 2002 issue of Executive Times


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